A net is a meshwork of twine, cord, rope or something similar used to catch fish or other things. A network is an arrangement of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines or a group or system of interconnected people or things.

When Simon used a singular net it started to break do he had to call for his partners. The size of our network and partnership will determine our harvest or even if we would have a harvest at all or it would be all lost!

In our context, the Rock Tower Network speaks of our leveraging our individual strengths and spheres of influence into a geometrically increased potential to achieve a given goal.

'...one shall chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight...' - Deuteronomy 32:30

Our Goal

What is the given goal that we seek to achieve? We seek to secure the Rock Tower for generations to come as a place of worship, community and social relevance in Islington, North London and beyond.

The Rock Tower has a builder's loan and mortgage profile recently renegotiated over 20 years to clear. We have a huge monthly commitment to service this profile and also ongoing maintenance costs.*

The local Church has carried the weight of this mortgage and maintenance of the building for the last 5 years prior to the renegotiation. But now we must solicit for the collective sacrifice of faithful members, family, friends and our various networks to lighten the load and enhance forward movement with the faith objective of even clearing the mortgage and builders loan in record time.

*For specific builders loan and mortgage figures please contact the Church office at admin@hotr.org.uk

Why a Network?

Our goal of securing the Rock Tower for generations to come cannot be achieved alone. It can only be achieved through collaboration (every little consistent contribution adding to the whole).

Through a network we can exponentially increase our effective reach and multiply our resources.

Let's work together...So how can you be part of making this happen?

You can make a one-time gift offering

Commit to a monthly Direct Debit
(This is our preferred option) 
5 Commitment Levels

Share with your own network and get them to contribute
(Sphere of relationships and influence)

What do you get?

  • A thank you letter and token reminder
  • Official registration in the Rock Tower Network and confirmation of membership
  • RTN members are constantly held up in prayer for prosperity and success
  • Regular updates of progress
  • Advance notice and invitation to special events (discounts and VIP seating where available)

Join the Rock Tower Network

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